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We pride ourselves in offering a high quality grave care service with a sensitive personal touch to ensure the final resting places of your loved ones look cared for, clean, tidy and beautiful. All services are performed with the respect and compassion that eternal resting places deserve.


Please note that each cemetery has its own specific rules about what can be planted or placed on a grave site and when they can planted or placed on the grave site. If you provide the name of the cemetery, we will let you know their rules and provide available options to you. Also, if any of the services listed on this website do not meet your needs, please contact us to discuss what you would like to have done and we will be more than be happy to try to accommodate you.


Below are two charts that include the services we provide and their prices. One chart lists the seasonal maintenance plans we offer, while the other lists flower planting and other services provided. By clicking on the links you will be taken to another page that further explains in detail what each service consists of.


Seasonal Maintenance
Annually (1 time yearly)                                             Starting at   $35.00
Bi-Annually (2 times yearly)                                        Starting at   $65.00
Quarterly (4 times yearly)                                           Starting at   $125.00
Monthly (8 times yearly)                                             Starting at   $230.00


Flowers and other Services
Delivery of flowers for special occasion                       $15.00 + cost of flowers
In-ground flower planting (mini-garden), if allowed     $50.00 and up
Grave Pictures                                                            $10.00
Winter Baskets                                                           $50.00
American Flags                                                           $10.00



15% Discount for multiple services at more than one plot if in the same cemetery
10% Discount for multiple services at more than one plot if at different cemeteries


We also provide services for specific dates only, such as: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day etc… If you provide us the specific date of an anniversary, birthday or other special day, we will service the grave site no more than 2 days prior to the specified date.