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Flowers and other Services


Delivery of flowers for special occasion                       $15.00 + cost of flowers
In-ground flower planting (mini-garden), if allowed     $50.00 and up
Grave Pictures                                                            $10.00
Winter Baskets                                                           $50.00 including basket & delivery
American Flags                                                           $10.00


Detailed Description of Services:


 • Delivery of flowers for special occasion – price for delivery of flowers is for delivery only. The final price will depend on the flowers you select. We can order them for you or you can order them from a local flower shop and we will pick them up and deliver them for you.


In-ground flower planting (mini-garden), if allowed – flowers will be carefully selected based on site conditions such as sun exposure and type of soil, and personal preference


Grave Pictures – pictures of tombstone or grave marker


Winter Baskets – placed on graves beginning in November


American Flags – placed at grave site for special holidays such as veterans and memorial days, among others

NOTE: Visits can be arranged to coincide the special dates such as: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day etc…