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All of our service contracts will include the following services, which will be performed each time we visit the site:


• Clearing of unwanted plants, foliage, weeds and grass
• Clean site of any debris
• Trimming of grass around plot and surrounding area
Edging of lawn around plot
• Pull weeds

• Trim hedges/ bushes if required

• Light cleaning of the headstone / marker / monument
• Water grave site plants / flowers
• Remove dead/ wilted flowers
• Clean planters and flower vases
• Photo documentation of grave site
• E-mail site status
• E-mail/ text before and after photos


Grave Matters offers several service plans to choose from:


Annually (1 time yearly)                                           Starting at   $35.00
Bi-Annually (2 times yearly)                                      Starting at   $65.00
Quarterly (4 times yearly)                                         Starting at   $125.00
Monthly (8 times yearly)                                           Starting at   $230.00


Detailed descriptions of services:


Annually – 1 time cleaning per year

– This can be any time of the year – however, we will need advance notice during the  snowy winter months so we can find the grave. This is especially true when needed for a specific National Holiday or other day of significance to the decedent or the decedent’s family


Bi-Annually – 2 cleanings per year – generally done once in the spring and again at the end

              of the season, typically at the end of November or the beginning of December


Quarterly – (4 times yearly) every 3 months


Monthly – (8 times per year) we visit and maintain the grave site one day per month from April

        through November



NOTE: We can also provide bi-weekly or weekly services if requested. If any of the above services do not meet your needs, please contact us to discuss what you would like to have done, and when.


NOTE: Each maintenance visit can be arranged to coincide the special dates such as: Birthdays, Anniversaries, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day etc…


NOTE: We will also place flowers or plant flowers (based upon cemetery rules) upon your request as part of our service. The cost of service does not include the cost of the flowers.